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Born in Austin, graduated from LSU where I ran track and cross-country, took a very short detour in Dallas, and ended up back in Austin.

My career has been focused at the intersection of oil and gas and technology, aside from a small but very fun detour in fintech and deal structuring. Virtually everything I've done has started from the ground floor with zero product, no guide rails or playbook, and with little to no money.

I've spent time and been early at EquityMetrix, RunTitle, SeriesX, Vertalo, and have advised Secured Credit Systems and ClimbBoxes, and BringUsNow.

Ventures I've been a part of have raised $20mm in capital through a variety of debt offerings, venture capital raises, and growth capital. The sources of this capital have ranged from top tier venture firms, "super angels", and sophisticated institutional investors making sector agnostic bets.

My time is focused on pursuing several other oil and gas + technology related ventures. I'm most passionate leveraging oil and gas data in accounting systems, public market investments, and the valuation of assets. If you're working on any of those things, I'd love to hear from you.

Finding work in places without guide rails or playbook extends beyond my professional life and bleeds into what I like to do for fun. I'm an active volunteer at Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, play a large role at Back The Track, and am the meet director at the Schrader 1600.

I am frequently asked to commentate and help with races around the state and country. I'm the lead commentator for the Austin Marathon, announce the Cedar Park Cross Country Invitational, Brenham Hillacious Invitational, and have commentated the BU Valentine Invitational for FloTrack.

Aside from that, I run with RAW Running, hold season tickets to the Austin Symphony, and play golf.

I'm an active investor in public and private markets. With small companies and startups, I invest where I think I can move the needle and make a fundamental difference in the bottom line. Finding an edge in the public markets is hard - but I like to find companies I believe are destroying shareholder value and bet on them to continue to do the same.