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This is a repository of links, books, articles, podcasts, blog posts, and more that I find interesting.

📹 Bill Gurley talks about finding your dream job and pursuing your passion in Runnin' Down A Dream.

📕 Hugh Moorhead, The Meaning of Life, is one of my favorite books. It's a collection of essays from an eclectic variety of novelists, Nobel Laureates, politicians, athletes, and more answering one question - 'What is the meaning of life?' Louis L'Amour's reply, below, is my favorite quote on the topic.

"The meaning and purpose of life? To do and to become. Many think of what they wish to accomplish; too few think of the person they would like to be when that time comes; or any stage in between. Each of us is given a bit of the raw material of life with which to work. We can shape it any way we wish. The time in which we live, our inheritance of traits, etc. all have something to do with what we become, but after that it is in our hands to do much with what we have. Physically and mentally we can shape it any way we desire. Disease and accident can leave one less than one would wish for but the raw material is still there. It is yours to create or destroy or simply waste away."

🎵 Brendan James is my favorite musician.

🔊 Tyler Cowen interviews Abhijit Banerjee on his Podcast. Abhijit is a Nobel Laureate in Economics and one of the deepest thinkers about developmental economics and alleviating global poverty. A good listen.

🐤 Jon Boorman was a trader that was a frequent tweeter. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had this to say as apart of his final words. (https://twitter.com/JBoorman/status/1324053659563577347?s=20)

"I know I will die. I just know what will kill me. And roughly when. So buy that coffee. Have that ice cream. And be nice." - Jon Boorman